Pt. 8 – Hebrew Aboriginals of America // Fringes, Ebrah, Feather / Columbus Hebrew interpreter

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This is Part 8 of the series “Hebrew Aboriginal Copper Colored Tribes of America” Who are the true biblical Hebrews? I hope that in these next parts of this series that I upload you allow me to show you all the correlation and evidence that exist here in the America’s that a lot of the tribes here resembled the people spoken of in the Torah (“Old” testament). I have a lot of info and parts coming. If you have not watched part 1 to 7 Please go watch them too for the full correlation …. here is the playlist:

“The Indian who wrought the rude outlines upon the rock at Dighton, little dreamed that his work would ultimately come to be regarded as affording INDUBITABLE evidence of Hebrew, Phoenician, and Scandinavian adventure and colonization in America” – Book below, Page 81…

INDUBITABLE MEANING: “impossible to doubt; unquestionable.
“an indubitable truth”
synonyms: unquestionable, undoubtable, indisputable, unarguable, inarguable, undebatable, incontestable, undeniable, irrefutable, incontrovertible, unmistakable, unequivocal, certain, sure, positive, definite, absolute, conclusive, emphatic, categorical, compelling, watertight, clear, clear-cut;
beyond doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt, beyond dispute, beyond question, not in question, not in doubt;
rareirrefragable, apodictic
“he furnished indubitable evidence of his identity”

Ebrah – Eber = Pinion / Feather

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