Fight For the Flat Earth

Lyrics: You’re as fake as these truthers running around telling folk that they are so very woke and they know it’s not a globe. Follow them losers acting like you don’t know that these people are the foe, turning this into a joke. At that computer or you’re sat on your phone. Press play, here we go, unaware that it’s a show. They’re a YouTuber. Why are they getting so many views, subs too? Better go check ’em bro. Why they always recommended? Yo I think that they’re selected. Spreading false information no one ever seems to question. Everybody, those that flex it, soon they’re gonna learn their lesson. On you snakes I’m always steppin’. This is such a big deception. They spy on you, always got their eye on me, paid shills, can’t shill, Flat Earth Society. Secret society’s keeping shit under wraps. They can never stop this. More and more are fighting back.

Yo, Two-Face Joker Riddler Ventriloquist, shill infiltration by Batman villains and I’m the Dark Knight, ready with a sharp knife, lyrically all tight, cutting like a shark bite. It’s high-time for the Gotham crime syndicate. Gone vigilante now ’cause I’m sick of it. Take a fake truther and drop it like it’s hot. Patrick’s potatoes are starting to rot. Sargent is off of the Mark with a lot. Put them together and what have you got? A secret show where nothing is taught and nothing is secret except for who bought and paid these plastic punks to represent us? Behind the Curve is now the legacy we’re left with. So call them all out and when they try to fight us we’ll sparta-kick them off the edge like Leonidas.

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