Wash Your World

WashYourWorld is the first social network for Flat Earthers and Free Thinkers.  It is also a repository of knowledge (videos, books, links, …) to help truth seekers and curious people in their quest.

WashYourWorld is a site of open-mindedness and information sharing, for everyone looking for alternative sources of information and different truths.

Here, other explanations are offered to you on subjects that the scientific establishment, big pharma and the mainstream media dictate as indisputable truths.

No subject will be spared (Flat Earth, Giant Trees, Tartaria / Resets / Fake History, NASA Lies, …) so that our beautiful humanity regains its critical sense and its most fundamental right to questioning.

WashYourWorld is a safe space where you can speak, express yourself, ask questions, inform others, create posts, groups, and more, without being censored.  Free speech is your birthright.  However, this a space where trolls are not welcome.   People who bully, harass or talk badly to others will not stay for long in our community.  This is one of the reasons why this website asks for a little monthly fee.

As mentionned above, this is a Flat Earther’s and Free Thinker’s social network, so if you believe the Earth is a rotating sphere, you are very welcome to come here to « know more » about Flat Earth, and to try to understand how this can possibly be true.

But you are not welcome to spend the network bandwith trying for hours to convince Flat Earthers that the Earth is spherical, by being aggressive, by sharing offical NASA pictures or other mainstream theories that have been invalidated by Flat Earth researchers long ago.

Despite what you might think, this Flat Earth theory is far from being an archaic fantasy brought up to date by a few lunatics. Many books and newspaper articles dating back to the 19th century already spoke about it. These very serious books written by very competent authors in their respective fields are available on WashYourWorld. All ancient civilizations and religions proposed a cosmogony involving a Flat Earth and various dimensions of reality.

Every Flat Earther started his adventure believing in official science (astronomy, space, ISS, rotating Earth, gravity, …), and it was only after hundreds of hours of research that he or she understood that the Earth is flat. So they already know the subject, no need to teach them (thanks in advance).

The key word here is kindness.  We are all grown up adults, so this space is for research, kind discussions and questionning, not for rude words and agressivity.

WashYourWorld is also a Media Channels repository.  I gathered content from creators from all around the Flat Earth and created dedicated pages to honor their work and present it to you.   Some channels are centered around the work of one author like Eric Dubay, Rob Skiba or Jeranism, and display their YouTube channel or other video channels (like Odysee, Rumble, BitChute, …), their websites and the books they wrote (if any).

Other type of channels could be a Telegram channel, a Facebook page, or any other interesting  channel.

You have also

  • a blog,
  • standalone videos from various authors in the Video Library,
  • documentaries
  • a lot of PDF books, ancient and more recent, in the library,
  • website links and
  • files to download.

All content is organized and easily searchable, by category, key words, tags, autor, date, …

I hope this will facilitate your search for truth about our history, archeology, the Creation of our planet and civilization.

I was an atheist and believed in science only until late in my life.  Then, there was a turning point and my spiritual life began.  But it was Flat Earth that brought me the missing piece of the puzzle to finally understand that sacred texts like the Bible were telling the truth.

I hope it will do the same for you and bring you closer to our beloved Creator.

The story as we are told contains a lot of mysteries and often the official narrative does not stand a detailed examination. It is not normal for the history of mankind to be shrouded in mystery and for us not to know precisely the greatness of our past civilizations. Who wrote the story? The winners who are still in power today.

WashYourWorld offers you to participate in the great adventure of reconstructing the true history of humanity, all together, in the love of one’s neighbor and peacefully.

It is not impossible that long eras of peace and prosperity have been « deliberately » erased from our history, so that war is believed to be the norm. What if myths and legends contained more truth than our history books ?

I strongly believe that human beings are naturally good, unless they choose not to be or are convinced so by very dark spiritual forces.

Let us dream of a very different world, a world of peace and harmony with nature.  A world where we respect the true Creator and his laws. We were created male and female, in the image of the Creator.  So let’s understand that the divine is both masculine and feminine, as both principles are required for Creation, and that love is the only answer to our problems. We are not fit to judge others, it is not our job.  So let’s focus on love and understanding instead of division, hatred and ignorance (please).

The truth is like a huge wave, it sweeps away everything in its path and nothing can stop it. It can be concealed, hidden, truncated, but it will eventually triumph.

That is why WashYourWorld logo represents a wave in the shape of a human being.  We are the wave, we are the 99%, and nothing will stop us now that we are awake.