Terra Firma – David Wardlaw Scott

Excerpt from Terra Firma, the Earth Not a Planet: Proved From Scripture, Reason and Fact

I am now an old man, and, had I consulted my own comfort, would never have penned a line of this book, as for some years I have had cataract in both eyes, so that it was not without difiiculty that I could read or write. So great, however, appeared to be the need, and being still anxious to serve my generation, I determined to undertake this work, in order to expose the fallacies of Modern Astronomy, which are so contrary to the Word of God, and so conducive to the promotion of Infidelity.

I do not enter the lists arrayed in the panoply of Neo Science, to fight this great Goliath, but only with a few pebbles of the brook, yet I trust that, with God’s blessing, the attempt may not be altogether fruitless.

David Wardlaw Scott

A great classic when it comes to scientific and biblical evidence for the Flat Earth.



Introductory Remarks.

1. A few words about Gravitation – 1 
2. Fundamental difference of opinion among Modern Astronomers – 9
3. Testimonies of some able men against the Copernican Theory – 17
4. Quotations showing some of the Atheistical Results of Modern Astronomy – 21


The Adamic Creation.

1. The Days of Creation not long periods of time, but Six Natural Days of twenty-four hours each – 31
2. Not two races of Adamites – 37
3. Refutation of the Theory of two different authors of Genesis, from the use of the distinguishing words Elohim and JEHOVAH-Elohim – 43
4. No Discrepancy exists, regarding the Adamic Creation, in the accounts given in Genesis I. and II. – 47
5. Primeval Fauna and the Ages – 50
6. Chipped Flints – 55
7. The supposed Glacial Period – 57


The Nebular Hypothesis: Examination of three Alleged Proofs of the World’s Globularity.

1. The Nebular Hypothesis – 63
2. The Circumnavigation of the Earth – 67
3. The Appearance and Disappearance of Ships at Sea – 73
4. The Earth’s shadow in a Lunar Eclipse – 77


Remarks on some other Alleged Proofs of the World’s Globularity.

1. Variability of Pendulum Vibrations – 85
2. Supposed Manifestation of the Rotation of the Earth – 86
3. Railways and Earth’s Centrifugal Force – 89
4. Declination of the Pole Star – 90
5. Motion of Stars North and South – 91
6. The Planet Neptune – 93


The World Circular, but not Globular ; has immovable Foundations, therefore not a Planet.

1. Relative Proportion of Land and Water – 96
2. The Compass a proof that the Earth is not a Planet – 98
3. Dangers of Navigation in Southern Seas, caused by the theory that the World is Globular – 102
4. The supposed Revolution of the Earth around the sun proved to be untrue – 108
5. The Earth stretched out upon the Waters, which have an Impassable Circumference – 111
6. The Earth proved to have Immovable Foundations – 117


The Horizontality of Land and Water Proved.

1. Railways – 122
2. Rivers -126
3. Canals – 127
4. Submarine Cables – 134
5. The Light of Lighthouses seen at a distance – 135


The Sun, Moon, and Stars, according to Modern Astronomy.

1. The Sun – 140
2. The Moon – 147
3. The Stars – 152


The Sun, according to the Scriptures.

1. Light comes out of Darkness – 163
2. Zetetic Measurements respecting the Distance and Diameter of the Sun – 167
3. Some Particulars respecting the Sun – 174
4. Scriptural Proofs of the Rising and Setting of the Sun – 180


The Sun’s Path and Work in the Heavens.

1. The cause of Day and Night and the Seasons – 184
2. The reason for gain and loss of time at Sea – 186
3. The Seasons of the Year – 187
4. The Midnight Sun, and the alternation of Summer and Winter in the Northern Centre – 190
5. The Sun and the Zodiac – 195


The Sun standing still and returning backwards.

1. The Sun standing still over Gibeon – 204
2. The Sun’s Shadow turning back ten degrees on the dial of Ahaz – 2IO


The Deluge—Biblical Account.

1. The date, cause, and extent of the Deluge – 214
2. God’s instructions to Noah respecting the Ark – 217
3. Some objections against the Deluge answered – 219
4. The Earth not a Planet proved by the waters finding their own level above the highest mountains – 221
5. Subsidence of the waters, and safe debarkation of Noah and all with him from the Ark – 226
6. The Noachian Covenant – 229
7. The Last Judgment on the Earth to be by Fire – 231


The Deluge—Traditional Records.

1. Marks of the Deluge visible in many lands – 234
2. The Accadian, or old Chaldean, account of the Deluge – 237
3. Extracts from old Chaldean Epics, declaring the revolution of the sun, and the creation of men and animals – 247
4. Babylonia identified with the Garden of Eden – 251


The Great Deep a Proof that the Earth is not A Planet.

1. The Earth in solution before the Adamic Creation, showing horizontality by its strata – 256
2. The Tides and the Great Deep – 25S
3. The Great Gulf Stream and Currents of the Great Deep – 265
4. The Rivers come from and return to the Great Deep – 267


Fragments Gathered Up.

1. A 6xed locality – 272
2. Up and Down – 274
3. Some other reasons why the Earth is not a Planet – 278
4. Concluding remarks – 283

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