Jon Levi

Jon Levi

Qui est Jon Levi ?

Jon Levi is a content creator a writer.  He is quite an amazing person, living offgrid in a remote US wilderness area (Northern Utah).  His videos were paramount in the awakening of many truth seekers.  He is one of the pionneers.  His calm and soothing voice walks you through the oddities of the offical narrative.

He spots inconsistencies in offical history and deconstructs the lie, video after video.  You should definitely put his channel in your favorites.  I used to watch his videos before going to sleep.  Makes you calm and ready for vivid dreams.

“A channel dedicated to exploring the forgotten history of humanity and other mysteries. Truth requires leaving the comfort of belief behind. All material is intended for entertainment purposes only. Content may expand your mind and liberate your soul. Please consult a mainstream expert before consuming any of this material. Side effects may include seeing life as it really is, questioning everything, and a sense of wonderment (as you see the world with new eyes)” Jon Levi.

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