World’s Oldest Mammal Fossils Found In America !!! / Brasilodon Quadrangularis / Scientific Research

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We got another “Oldest” thing to add to the list of the Oldest Things in The world !! ( Mammal Fossils )
This time we can Confirm that Mammals did come out of America !!

A shrew-like creature that lived 225 million years ago is the oldest mammal ever identified.

The world’s oldest mammal has been identified using fossil dental records — predating the previously confirmed earliest mammal by about 20 million years — in a new discovery hailed as “very significant” by researchers.

Brasilodon quadrangularis was a small shrew-like creature, around 20 centimeters (8 inches) long, that walked the earth 225 million years ago at the same time as some of the oldest dinosaurs and sheds light on the evolution of modern mammals, according to a team of Brazilian and British scientists.

Brasilodon is the oldest extinct vertebrate with two successive sets of teeth — baby teeth and one permanent set — also known as a diphyodonty