White Servitude & Free Negro Masters // The Untold truth of American Slavery / Indentured Service

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In this video we will discuss the institute that existed before so called “Slavery” in America which was (Indentured Servitude). The Colonies of American were started and was able to exist through the Free Labor provided by Indentured Servants. Most of which were the Undesirables , poor and Convicts of England and the rest of Europe. This was the beginning of we think of “slavery” A contract an Indenture not slavery in chains. We will also discuss how this affected the American so called “negro” The American Indians. Wy does the census records and genealogy records say “Bound” instead of slave?
We will discuss the Free Negro Heads of Families in 1830 and the Free Negro Owners of Slaves in the 1830’s too.
Yes So called Negro people had slaves before 1865 and a lot of those “slaves” were actually white Indentured Servants.

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