The Truth About the Moors & Sephardic Jews Who first Colonized USA And Settled With American Indians

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In this Video we will discuss with historical records, primary sources and genealogy the truth about the Moors and Sephardic Jews who were the true original colonist in North America.
Before so Called “English” arrived the “Spanish “ Empire and “French” had settled and established post, towns, forts in Southeastern United States.
An untold History left out of or hardly mentioned in school text books. A significant part of US Colonial history purposely obscured and forgotten.
These same Moorish , Sephardic Refugees, Colonist, conquistadors Prisoners of war many times survived raids, disease, changes in power and settled with the American Indians assimilating and amalgamating with them. Many times taking on prominent roles with the, Marrying into the tribes and only remembered in history as “American Indians”.

We will read a very good article from Access Genealogy website and many other sources to Corroborate and proof the info in the websites article called: “Castaways, Deserters, Refugees and Pirates”

Includes a lot of other topics and little known History of Colonial America before the so called “English” arrived.
In part highlighting many of the “Spanish Expeditions” ( Military Campaigns & Slave Raids) In the south Eastern United States.

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