The Truth About Thanksgiving !! / Was it always only a European Holiday? / FEAST OF HARVEST

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Recap of My Thanksgiving Video from 1 year ago !!
Was it really only a European Holiday ?
Did you know American Indians and Old Testament Israelites held many Feast of Harvest and gave thanks to The Great Spirit / Most High ?

Yes It is true that it was also used in negative ways and on days they invaded certain tribes but its origin has nothing to do with pilgrims only.

In this video we will discuss the True Historical background of the events and people involved in the historic Thanksgiving story.
We will take a look at todays descendants of the historic Chief Massasoit who first encountered the Pilgrims.
We will discuss the truer genealogical background of the so called “Pilgrims / puritans” ( Sephardic Moorish People? )
We will show how the American Indians already had a feast of Harvest to give thanks to the Great Spirit before europeans came and how they even sacrificed the first fruits to the Great Spirit before eating. We will show a relation to the Massachussetts Indians and the ancient Israelite traditions and language.
Is the Hebrew tradition of Sukkot and Thanksgiving the same?
Did you know about the 1637 Pequot Tragedy during their green corn feast?

Hope you enjoy ..