The First Reset (Melt Like Wax)

In this video we will examine the topic of melted buildings. If this theory is true these structures may be the oldest in the realm. Leftover from a past reset that must have been more violent than all those that followed.
***I have removed 2 minutes of this video regarding the Statue in Pompeii. It is said to be a modern creation. I will accept this and simply delete that portion of the video. Please forgive my mistake.
I hope you’re all doing well. I spent all week installing a toilet. The first one had a hair line crack in the tank. I exchanged it, installed a new wax ring, and finally set the new one. My cat has been having problems urinating this week. I put her on a one day fast and resumed feeding with home made beef broth, celery and beets (just the juice). It seems to have helped. I personally have started the Dr Gundry protocol eliminating wheat, potato, corn, tomato and lectin containing foods. I feel better. In Chinese medicine some of these foods are in the nightshade family and are to be avoided. Interesting when modern medicine finally catches up with ancient Chinese medicine.
Thanks for watching, God bless, and I love you all!!!

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