The 10,000 Dollar Baller Challenge

Hello my beloved baller friends!

Today, I would like to formally issue my $10,000 Dollar Baller Challenge.

After years of endless searching and trying desperately to at first, refute flat earth and then prove the ball earth hypothesis, I, despite all of my hard work and efforts was UNABLE to find a single shred of factual and irrefutable evidence to support the existence of the spinning ball earth in our reality.

Thus, I am officially calling on ALL ballers(ball earth believers) from all walks of life, no matter the rank, status or position you hold in this world, without exception! Absolutely everyone is welcome, including and especially, scientists, physicists, astrophysicists, astronomers, astronauts, everyone aerospace, NASA, RASA, JAXA, ESA(and every other “space” station and program around the world), mathematicians, architects, engineers, surveyors, pilots, sailors, captains, instructors, professors, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and everyone in between! Yes Masons and Jesuits, you are welcome too. Goyim and non-goyim. If you(or ANYONE you know) believe that you have what it takes to prove the spinning ball earth mythos to be an incontestable fact of our reality, please read the following carefully!

$10,000(TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) CASH, WILL BE awarded to ANYONE who can provide ONE piece of FACTUAL and IRREFUTABLE evidence to support two things.
A). The CURVATURE of the alleged spinning ball earth
B). The MOTION of the alleged spinning ball earth

Rules, Terms, and Conditions (please read carefully) the pinned comment below

Posted on April 7, 2019



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