Roman Ruins in America

This could have been a great video if my computer, or God, would have allowed it. I spent days trying to convert the final video, yet I could not. Spirit broken and almost in tears, I managed to extract the video without all the seasoning. It would have been missing the bonus, all the drone footage, all the google earth supplemental video, and even stupid things like my ending. Perhaps I loaded the video up too much. Drone footage is a hog. I finally gave up and walked away disheartened.
However I am a stubborn bastard, taurus born in the year of the dragon. I tried one more time and succeeded. I made a screen recording of my video and then grabbed the audio separately. It has low resolution, and the drone footage suffered most, however I think it’s better than what I almost published.
I hope you enjoy and I love you all!!! God bless!!!!
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