PT. 2 – Let Me Be A Free Man – Powhatan War – Indians grew Tobacco not Africans

Shalawam, Halito, everyone Im so excited to be able to upload videos again. I am so thankful to each and everyone of you! Its a blessing!!… I just got my computer and programs installed I did a quick recording of this book I found recently:
PART 2 – “Let me be a free man : a documentary history of Indian resistance – CHapter 1 POWHATAN”
I promise I will be going live soon .. I have many videos planned I kinda have to start from scratch but thats ok… Im coming back stronger than ever you guys have empowered me … Thawadah for the love and trust !! I will never forget and will work even harder to get this truth out !!…

May Hawah PRotect and bless all of you …