Pt. 12 – From Indigenous American to African American // Your Conquest and Enslavement / Genocide

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Shalawam Familia, This is Part 12 of the series “From Indigenous American to African American”. I have been wanting to get this out for a year now but wanted you to Overstand without a doubt who was really here first before I got into this subject.
This will be the first part of these videos which will show the Real trans atlantic slave trade which happened in reverse. Way before the so called “Trans Atlantic Slave Trade” The Portuguese and Spanish had already enslaved many many thousands of American Indians and made them work on their plantations “requerimiento”. As well as placed them on SHIPS and transported many thousands over to Europe, and West African colonies way before they “supposedly” brought over “africans”. These was planned by a papal bull in 1452. I will be reading from many historical scholarly books and we will begin right from the beginning 1492 and so on…….

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