Pt. 1 – The Real Slave Trade / American Indians Enslaved And Labeled As Negros & Africans in History

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This is part 1 of this series , ( The Real Slave Trade ). In This Part We will be focusing on one of the sources for slaves, which was the American Indians during the times of Conquest and Colonization of America. The Enslavement of the American Indians has been hugely sugarcoated, untold, and Hidden From History and school text books.
Many of these enslaved American Indians have been forgotten and were misclassified in history as negros, and african slaves.
They Had Millions of People here in America to put under servitude and slavery.
Companies dont take risk, They are funded and they plan things out !
The America’s was one of their sources for “Slaves” !!! Not Africans !!

This is a Documentary Filled with historical accounts, and Primary Sources.
Dont Practice Cognitive Dissonance !
Remember what the ancestors went through !..
Deuteronomy 28 !!

Hope You enjoy. !!