Pt. 1 / No MOOR Misunderstanding/ Ham, Canaan, Moabite, Drew Ali, Joshua

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Shalawam, Halito, New video series, this is part 1 of “No MOOR Misunderstanding, No MUUR Hijack”.
First of all I’d like to clarify this is not a bashing video or a video to disrespect someone’s belief’s. I will try to keep it scholarly, historical and scriptural. Lets get a better overstanding of the Moorish Science Temple its founder and beginnings. There is always two sides to a story but seems some people run with only one side. Lets overstand what Drew Ali meant by moors are the ancient moabites/ canaanites, Hamites and how “Joshua” is involved. Again this is just part 1 make sure to hold your “debating” until you see clearly all the parts .. just getting warm on this first part 1…

May Hawah PRotect and bless all of you …