Once Upon A Reset (San Francisco)

In this little video, Once Upon A Reset Civilization, we will examine the city of San Francisco in the early days of its inception up to the 1906 fire and earthquake. Photos show a complete wipe out of the city in 1906 yet the false historical narrative claims only 3000 people were killed. To add to this mystery the city is again rebuilt in less than 10 years. Furthermore we will explore some small details in some of the old photos of San Francisco including shadows, ships, trees, and cactus. Also the end of the video will include a secret bonus feature.

On a personal note my life is slowly emerging out of the metaphorical mud flood reset I have been swimming in for the last several months. While attempting to leave a bad situation I found myself in an even worse one. Seems to be how life works. The path of truth and good is never an easy one, yet I think it is worth pursuing. The impossibility of such endeavors requires a certain faith and belief in spiritual assistance. As Jesus points out we are all assisted, even the birds and the lilies.

Only time will tell if I have made the right choices. In Buddhism, “desire” is at the root of all suffering. In Taoism, “acceptance” is the most important teaching, and “peace of mind” is ones greatest treasure.

Thank you all for the love and support. It has been the best part of this Channel. The greatest things in the world would not be great if they could not be shared. God bless you ALL!

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