New World Discovery

In this little map exploration video we will examine 4 different maps of America and Tartaria. We will also discuss the false historical narrative related to Christopher Columbus and his new world discovery.

The coffeeshop has been is doing well. I never expected this kind of turnout. I thought it would be slow and I would work on my videos (while making the occasional crepe or mocha latte for a customer). Not the case. I have no time to sit, eat, or even use the bathroom as I am the cashier, cook, and barista. I have hired help and begin training this Monday. Very grateful yet tired.

Making this video was a nice break in the routine. I hope you enjoy! God bless and thank you ALL for your support!!!

My first course on How to Make YouTube Videos.
In this behind the scenes course I will show you all my secret video making techniques.

Chief’s food (my dog)

The computer I used to make all my videos
(Includes video making program- iMovie)

My Book About My Life and Philosophy (Read first chapter free on Amazon)

My Art on Imagekind Most affordable water distiller ever!
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