Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says the Earth is Pear Shaped

NASA and modern astronomy claim that Earth is a sphere, but not a perfect sphere, an “oblate spheroid,” and not only oblate, but even bigger in the southern hemisphere like a pear. Heliocentrists have contended this for centuries now because the Earth was conclusively proven to be flatter than they originally claimed, so they back-peddled re-labeling it an oblate spheroid flattened at the poles. Then it was proven that the area in the southern hemisphere exceeded that of the northern (as consistent with the flat-Earth model) so they reverse-engineered another damage-control explanation that Earth is actually not a sphere or oblate spheroid but a pear! Watch the following clip of NASA ultra-shill Neil DeGrasse Tyson trying to explain their pear-shaped Earth.

“That bodies in some instances are seen to approach each other is a fact; but that their mutual approach is due to an ‘ attraction,’ or pulling process, on the part of these bodies, is, after all, a mere theory. Hypotheses may be sometimes admissible, but when they are invented to support other hypotheses, they are not only to be doubted but discredited and discarded. The hypothesis of a universal force called Gravitation is based upon, and was indeed invented with a view to support another hypothesis, namely, that the earth and sea together make up a vast globe, whirling away through space, and therefore needing some force or forces to guide it in its mad career, and so control it as to make it conform to what is called its annual orbit round the sun! The theory first of all makes the earth to be a globe; then not a perfect globe, but an oblate spheroid, flattened at the ‘poles’; then more oblate, until it was in danger of becoming so flattened that it would be like a cheese; and, passing over minor variations of form, we are finally told that the earth is pear-shaped, and that the ‘elipsoid has been replaced by an apoid!’ What shape it may assume next we cannot tell; it will depend upon the whim or fancy of some astute and speculating ‘scientist.’” -Lady Blount and Albert Smith, “Zetetic Astronomy” (14)

Posted on October 22, 2018



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