Maize – The Gift Of The Great Spirit To The Amaru Khans / Fleur De Lis / Corn In The Ancient World !

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In This video we will Go over The children of the corn and their gift from the Great Spirit, (Maize) which was shared throughout the ancient “old world” helping man settle down and establish civilizations .
From Ancient Peru, to ancient “egypt” to “Sumer” all the way to Ancient Assyria and Babylon And the Ancient empires of Asia and Bharat.
Maize played a key role in all these civilizations of the Past.
No wonder it is found written about through out the “Old Testament” or Torah.
Its Symbol has become an emblem of The Royals and Aristocracy of Europe, One great example is the famous “Fleur de Lis” of the French Monarch’s .. YES the Fleur De Lis is a Representation of Maize … LET ME SHOW YOU !!..

We will read from many books in this video starting out with Chapter 9 of the book: “America’s Ancient Civilizations ” – by Hyatt and Ruth Verrill, 1952

Hope You enjoy ….