Is this REAL? The Moon Lunar Views From The Japanese SELENE Orbiter – Earthrise [ARCHIVE]

This WAS the 24/7 Always On, Always Going, Always Proving the Spherical Earth, Amazing and Out of this World ISS LIVE FEED from space! Brought to you by the clowns at NASA! This was actually a little jab at whoever it is running the channel found here:

Unfortunately, the stream is no longer available… But seriously, who thinks you can call something 24/7 that ends for 45 minutes every half hour. It is a total joke. And while mine may look close to the NASA con job… Mine took 30 minutes to make and a little longer to render. It is clouds from a balloon launch, it is a slow pan across a Mercator map, Curved black overlay and an overlay of the Soyuz. Can I have my $50 million for today’s work please?

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Posted on March 26, 2022



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