International Flat Earth Dance Party 2020

Turn up your speakers or break out the headphones for the International Flat Earth Dance Party! We’re on the verge of 2020 and in just the past 5 years “Flat Earth” has gone from complete obscurity to one of the most searched Google terms on the internet, beating out “Donald Trump,” the “Kardashians” and many other top keywords. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are researching this topic and critical mass is inevitable as long as us awakened continue to do our due diligence in spreading the good word. Please help share with your globe and flat friends alike so we can get this International Flat Earth Dance Party going!

Thanks so much to all the dancers featured especially “Nathan Barnatt” and “Matt Harding.” Musical credit to Bag Raiders for their song “Shooting Stars.”

To learn more about our flat, motionless Earth, please visit:

Posted on December 18, 2019



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