Hueyatlaco Archaeological Site in Mexico 250,000 Year Old Settlement !!! Proved By USGS Dating Test

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This is the story of a remarkable art piece discovered in 1959 at the Valsequillo Reservoir outside the city of Puebla, about 75 miles south of Mexico City. Discovery of a mineralized elephant pelvis with engravings of elephants, big cats, and other extinct animals has shocked the scientific and archeological community.
The biggest surprise of this Bone in not just the art found on it but the age of the geological test to determined its age.
The artifacts and bones in the Valsequillo Region including specifically in this video the Hueyatlaco Archaeological Site in Mexico uncovers a 250,000 Year Old Settlement !!!.
5 different Geological test , conducted by USGS with 5 different methods , by 5 different geologist all determined the same antiquity.
Creating an ongoing debate and argument between Geologist and Archeologist till today !!.
This find is so significant that it shatters the main stream theories of the origins of Man and predates anything in Africa, Asia or Europe !!.
This find and these test are So controversial , mainstream academics simply demised it, covered up the finds and hid it form the public.
What’s more convenient at the same time a few months later they supposedly found “australopithecus robustus” their Monkey Men in africa to take away attention form this very important discovery !!..

Let me show you !!.