Feathered Crowned Danites Became the Egyptian Deyen, Greek Danaans, Danaoi, Hindu Danavas / Danuna

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In this video we will continue to discuss the Ancient Tribe of Dan. This is a part 2 follow up video from the previous upload before this one here is the link https://youtu.be/_5_hvDlrzNs
These Ancient Seafaring peoples left their influence throughout the ancient and modern world . They are part of factual history !!
Known as many names as The Danaans, Dana, Danu, Danavas, Danaoi , Dananu, etc
Proven to be of semitic language, culture and origin. People from the land of Canaan . Historic characters turned into mythological deities by other nations.
Due to their association, their marital ties and commerce with other nations many times they were reclassified as Archeans, Argives, Phoenicians, Canaanites, Greeks, and even Hindi “Sea Peoples” , etc, but They were Danites From the Tribe of Dan of the Sons of Jacob.
We will be reading from many books and references and there will be a follow up video to this since their role in history was a big one !!..