False History of America

In this presentation, False History of America, we will look at several topics from videos that I made and only to realize the sound did not work or there were technical glitches. I have used the video and re narrated the audio tracks in these short segments. Topics include the false historical narrative of Soldier Field in Chicago, Hearst Castle in California, Biltmore Estates in North Carolina, Cleveland Ohio, and much more!

As far as my personal life the coffeeshop is going well on the surface yet has major issues. The biggest is my sewer line is barely draining and the landlord is trying to buy time and not addressing the issue. It backs up while draining the dish sinks. With little options I have hired a lawyer to write a letter to the unresponsive landlord in hopes that this may help resolve the issue. Aside from that, my main refrigerator died and I have gone through two espresso machines in the first month.

I hope that things will be flowing smoothly in a couple more months and I can have a personal life again. I look forward to some spare time to read and respond to all your wonderful comments and focus on the things that are dear to me. Thank you all for your support and God bless!

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