Fact or Fiction (Land of Giants)

In this super extra random last minute video, I show proposed building renderings that seem very realistic in some ways. These will include the Washington Monument and the the New York American Building in New York City. We will also look at all sorts of fascinating topics. **Corrections: The bust in Maine was found a foot underground (not 30 feet). Finally the pilgrims (if we believe the story) were here around 1620.

I apologize for my freakout in the comments last week. I am feeling better. The cash register I bought new only 6 months ago broke at the shop on Tuesday. All week had to use a calculator and a cash box. Now things are back to normal plus a little upgrade as the new register is an iPad and a fully integrated drawer and printer.

So I appreciate the adversity in retrospect but I would never invite it. I did feel the hand of the creator in all this. I resisted only until I realized this. This is the quickest video I have ever made. One day researching and 12 hours for the rest. I hope it doesn’t suck.

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I do hope you enjoy the video!
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