Discovering Our Past

Another little video on ancient civilization history in which we will Hunt for Lake Conibas. In this one I will feature some ancient sites that I hope some Canadian viewers will follow up on. One of them is accessible by car even though it is on an island.

Forgive my lack of responses to comments and email. Like I mention at the beginning of the video, everything has been going wrong. This morning my espresso machine failed.

The cold has come early this year and snow is expected any day. My mornings are down to 20 degrees F. I am not yet prepared for winter and still awaiting a propane delivery and I also need to buy a chord of firewood on the blackmarket which is always a hassle and less cut and dry (wood pun).

Thank you all for your support and the most amazing comments ever that I wish I could compile on a website. Dear commenter who offer to be my assistant thank you. I could use one.

Let us not fear but rather dream our ideal realities into being.
Thanks for being you 😉
I love you all!!!
God bless.


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