Columbus was Late // Ancient American Mysteries / Old World Evidence / Hebrews / Yuchi / Bat Creek

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In this video we will discuss some of the Forbidden Archeology and untold mysteries of Ancient America . We will be reading mainly from the book : “American Indian myths & mysteries” but will also read from other books and articles.
Includes a bit of history on the Bat Creek Stone found in Tennessee, Los Lunas Stone in New Mexico , The Metcaf Stone from Georgia, and Phoenician Writing (Paleo – Hebrew) found all over North And South America.
Also included a bit of discussion on the Yuchi Indians of Georgia.
Also Included from the stone and pottery art of ancient central America and Mexico depictions of people with different phenotypes included “Old world” peoples. Example “semitic” “Negroid”
Also Includes: Bonus Article on Father Crespi’s collection from the jungles of the ancient amazon of Ecuador….
Hope you enjoy !..