American Indians Shipwrecked In Roman Germany 60 B.C. / Roman Bronze Statue Depicts “Carib” Indian

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In this video we will be reading from French scholarly sources regarding a certain Bronze statute in the Louvre Museum, France. An antique Roman Bronze Bust of an American Indian , yes from Roman Times !!
We will also read from the writings of Pomponius Mela, who wrote around AD 43, he was the earliest Roman geographer.
A Primary Source Telling us that: “Metellus Celer once told Nepos about the fantastic sea voyage endured by a group of Indian merchants. Carried all the way to northern Europe by a terrible storm, the Indians were captured by a local German chieftain, who then presented them as a gift to Celer”

A writing from Roman times correlating with the Bronze statue bust of an American Indian !!
Ancient American Were navigating across oceans Voluntarily and Involuntarily by being caught in storms.
Europeans knew about American Indians, this is proof “Columbus” was never lost !!

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