America is Egypt: Part 1- Biblical History of Egypt

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America is Egypt Outline

Video 1- Biblical History From Abram to Nebuchadnezzar

Video 2- Prophecies to History


  a. Define Root Meanings Mitzraim vs. Egypt 

  b. Define context of the Initial Usage of Each- House of Ptah

  c. Egyptian Heiroglyph- Ta Meri

2. Chronological Overview of Biblical Egypt

  a. Explaining the Discrepancies between Egyptian Chronology and Biblical Chronology

      aa. Cite 3 Resources Explaining the contradictions 

         – Egyptian Records the Height of Egypt; Before, During, and Post Flood

         – Authority and Dominion, Robert North

         – Chronology of Ancient Egypt 

3. Biblical Overview of Egypt 2150 BC- 30 BC


     a. First Mention Genesis 12:10 Famine in the Land, Abram and Sarai soujourn there.   



    Book of Jasher 

       Jas 14 Rikyaon Becomes Pharaoh under King Oswiris, during famine of Abram


     b. Gen 26:1-2 (Go NOT down into Egypt) 

     c. Famine other than in the days of Abraham



     d. Gen 37:25-27 Sold by his brothers into Slavery

     e. Taken as Slave and transported down to Egypt.

     f. Served under Potiphar, Captain of Pharohic Guard

     g. Gen 37:57- Joseph became a great man in Egypt after storing food “corn” during the famine

     h. Gen 50:26- Joseph dies at 110 buried in Egypt



    j. Exo 1:8 After the death of Joseph, the New King in Egypt, knew not the works of Joseph

    k. Exo 1:13 Began oppressing the children of Israel, under rigorous bondage

    l. King wanted to kill all firstborn sons, as commanded to the Hebrew midwives, kill the sons and let the daughters live

    m. God revealed to Moses, and later Moses demands to “let my people go”

    n. Pharaoh didn’t hearken to the agreement, and pursued the Israelites into the Red Sea

    o. Exo 14:22 Moses parts the Red Sea 

    p. Exo 14:28 Chariots and Pharaoh drown at sea

    q. From this point, Egypt plays a diminished role in the land until after the death of Joshua



    r. Jos 1:1 After the death of Moses, Joshua, son of Nun takes over leadership role

    s. Jos 3:7 Joshua was magnified in the sight of Israel

    t. Jos 3:10 Without fail will drive out: Canaanites, Hittites, Hivites, Perizites, Girgashites, Amorites, and the Jebusites. 

                      -But NOT Egyptians (or atleast not mentioned as being Driven from the land in Jos: 3:10)

                     – Neither the Jebusites, who dwell in Jerusalem until this day- Jos 15:63 

                     – or the Canaanites, who dwell among the Ephiramites, who serve under tribute, even unto this day

    u. Jos 11:16 Joshua takes Goshen, which was once considered Egypt, and the valley and the plain and the mountain of Israel (Sinai?)

               11:23 took the whole land, and gave it as inheritance to Israel

     v. Jud: 2:8-12 Joshua Died, but the children went back to their evil ways.

United Kingdom





Divided Kingdom

    2 Chr 35:20-24 Ended with Josiah, and the war with the King of Egypt- Necho II

    2 Chr 36:1-7 Jehoahaz-23 years old was named King but Necho, made Eliakim-25 years old. king after 3 months and changed his name to Jehoiakim

    Jehoiakim did evil in the sight of the Lord- was bound by Nebuchadnezzar and promoted Jehoiachin, 8-years old reigned in his stead- he also did evil.



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