YouTube’s Latest Censorship Method

In previous videos I have shown several methods I have caught YouTube using to covertly censor me including removing likes, removing views, removing subscribers, taking my videos out of their search algorithm, and outright banning three entire channels (which still amassed over 40 million views combined) for fraudulent “hate-speech” strikes. YouTube’s latest censorship method is never allowing channel strikes and warnings to expire. As you can see in the following video, after being given a “hate-speech” strike for a Flat Earth video on September 23rd, it was due to expire on December 23rd. Instead of expiring, the strike simply changes the expiration date every day updating it to the following day, so that it will never expire!

Whether you’re a YouTube subscriber or content maker, decentralized open-source blockchain is the way forward for online freedom of speech, so be sure to download LBRY and sync your YouTube channels while you still can, before that gets labeled “hate-speech” as well.

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