What Do You Believe?

What Do You Believe is a Hip-Hop/Rap song from Eric Dubay and Seth Davis’ upcoming album exposing belief, NASA, the globe and literalist Christianity.

Lyrics: Gravitation is a theory, you are not spinnin’ round
on a giant blue marble at greater than the speed of sound
they lied about Apollo, just look at the lunar lander
the fake moon rocks given out, just take a fuckin’ gander
no slander this is real shit, they lied to the world then
Hollywood got you believin’ in the completely pretend
big hoax, a joke at the expense of us all
how many countless trillions go to the cult of the ball?
no money for all the problems we got right here on earth
but gettin’ scammed for every single penny they think we’re worth
water seeks it’s level and nature abhors a vacuum
question everything you got taught in the classroom
who cares if you’re laughed at, by those who lack awareness
we were all there once, try to be strong and bear it
I swear to god the single root of human incompetence
is to claim as fact another hypothetical preponderance

what do you believe? where does this life lead?
what does it mean, to be alive in a dream?
and not everything, is somethin’ you can conceive
take a moment to breathe, and tell me what do you believe?

Incredulous postulates got you acting obstinate
it’s monstrous, the over-confidence you have in flatulence
and blasphemous, the adamance behind your haughty arrogance
Belief is the polar opposite of true cognizance
it’s perilous, believing what you want without evidence
and decadent thinking that your eminence is heaven-sent
it’s evident for betterment your time would be better spent
pondering possible parallels for parables
rather than assuming that your ass is inerrable
it’s terrible conversation has become unbearable
and soon your whole thought-process will be narrable
Cause every word out of your mouth is inferrable
from a literal interpretation of the biblical
it’s critical, and at the very minimal divisional
claiming that your miracles are anything but mythical
and fictional, walking on water’s not empirical
it’s mystical, talking snakes are meant to be cryptical
you imbecile, it’s pitiful, and bordering on criminal
episcopal, rabbinical, pontifical, subiliminals
inimical, despicable, while taxing all that’s tithable
dominical domination of the archetypical
you hypocrites know that the book is metaphysical
but still you will claim a staff changes to a snake
just as readily as Moses to the Pharoah doth spake
In reality this fallacy was known before Christ
that the snake is kundalini and the staff is your spine
even though you know damn well oceans can’t bend
you believe Jesus walked on them straight to the end
yeah, I got a big beef with belief, let me tell ya
The “lie” in the middle of the word’s what they sell ya
Believing’s what you do when you really don’t know
Lying to yourself in order to bestow
truth onto things that you really can’t show
stunting your thoughts so your mind can’t grow
Believing’s what you do when you really don’t know

Seth Davis’ channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/StoneDeafBand

To learn more about the true, original, esoteric meanings of the Bible, please watch:

To learn more about our flat, motionless Earth, please visit:

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