Unknown American History

In this last minute video, Unknown American History, we will explore a floating building, The Pan American Expo of 1915, The Panama Canal,
and the fountain of youth fable that is said to take place in the Bahamas and end in Florida.

I also feature a mental stream on Native Americans and the corruption of a people through language and ideas. In the last 2 segments I feature a video by Global Vision, do check out his amazing info here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv46Zhwulq31NLJA0KxaEdQ/videos
Also I feature a video from a former Youtube channel. He was always very nice to me but I don’t support his hatred towards a certain people (or any people for that matter). I will however love him as myself and wish him well.

Due to financial pressures I have started opening the shop on Saturdays. It should have been open Saturday from day one however we had the sewer issue and needed to minimize water flow. With that said I have even less time for videos and everything related. I almost didn’t make one but managed to throw something together at the last minute. I would love to look into the floating buildings and the Panama Canal in a future video.
Thanks for being here and God bless you all!!!


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