The True Origins Of Santa Claus / St Nicholas / Pagan Midwinter Feast / John Pintard The Huguenot

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In this video we will discuss the Historical origins of our Modern day Santa Claus.
We will go over the people involved in creating the story and image of Santa, making it an official Holiday and tradition.
From its Pagan Roman Origins and Ancient Midwinter festivities celebrated throughout Europe. Festivities such as ( Saturnalia ) and ( Yule). To its Association to the Legendary Bishop St Nicholas of Ancient Greece.
We will show how these Sephardic moorish New York colonist brought over their traditions and known stories of Father Christmas, Midwinter feast , The Hunt By Odin and St Nicholas to create a “family oriented Holiday”. That way separating it from its usual “Merry” (Drunkness) pagan past.

A historical look at Santa like you’ve never seen before ……

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