The King’s Fountain / The Black Portuguese Knight / Order of Santiago / Moor on Moor War

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The King’s Fountain depicts a scene set around the Chafariz de El-Rei in Lisbon, the capital of the-then Kingdom of Portugal. Painted during the late 16th century, the work features images associated with the wealth and power of the burgeoning Portuguese Empire
The painting notably contains a depiction of a Black Portuguese knight (possibly King John III himself) endowed with the heraldry of the Order of Santiago
The wide variety of figures seen in the painting led to the work being described as being an example of globalization in the Renaissance period.
The Order of Santiago “ Orden de Santiago”  is a religious and military order founded in the 12th century. It owes its name to the Patron Saint of Spain, “Santiago” (St. James the Greater). Its initial objective was to protect the pilgrims on the Way of St. James, to defend Christendom and to remove the Muslim Moors from the Iberian Peninsula.[1] Entrance was not however restricted to nobility of Spain exclusively, and many members have been prominent Catholic Europeans in general. The Order’s insignia is particularly recognizable and abundant in Western art.

Lets Here what a possible living descendant of The Santiago Order has to say Today …..

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