The Axis Mundi Navel of Earth

Every day in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, thousands of Muslims gather and walk westward circles around a tall black stone cube called the Kaaba. This Kaaba stone lies at the very center of Islam’s most important Mosque, the Great Mosque of Mecca, and is the most sacred site in Islam, said to be the “Bayt Allah” (House of God), where all Muslims must turn to face before daily prayers. The most common epithet often used for Kaaba translates to “the center of the Earth,” and in the 9th century, Islamic scholar al-Kisa’i argued that the true Kaaba was actually located directly beneath the North Pole Star. This would mean the true Kaaba is actually Mount Meru, and not the large black stone worshiped in Saudi Arabia. This would mean that every day thousands of Muslims walk westward circles around Kaaba, just like every night thousands of stars rotate westward circles around Mount Meru. This would mean that just like the ancient Chinese and Greeks would face north before commencing prayer, that Muslims too are meant to be facing the North Pole, rather than Saudi Arabia. Many legends of Mount Meru claim it to be a mountain composed of black magnetite stone (Mercator’s “Rupes Nigra”) surrounded by four directional rivers and islands, and this is again echoed symbolically by the black stone (4-sided) cube at Mecca. Why does this black cube in Mecca so perfectly mirror the ancient myths of Mount Meru? Could this manmade construction in Saudi Arabia be usurping the placement of the true “House of God” at the North Pole?

The following presentation “The Axis Mundi Navel of Earth” is taken from a chapter in my new book Flatlantis available now from Lulu and Amazon:

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Postée le janvier 5, 2021



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