Seagoing Americans / Warrior Merchants / Vast Trade Empire / Timucua are the Warao of South America

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In this video we will be reading from chapter 3 of the book “The American Discovery of Europe”. Lots of great information and unknown facts about the vast navigational knowledge and expertise of the ancient Americans Seafarers.
Did you know previous to European arrival The American Nations had a vast trade empire extending all over the world especially in the american vicinity.
For example the Warao people of South America were prehistoric navigators who shared their culture and language and influenced the timucua people of Florida !
Also Did you know the Micmac were heading to England and got intercepted by British vessel and they were described as Dark complexioned with thick lips and thick hair?
Did You know it was said that some of the Powhatan leaders had origins in Mesoamerica?
This and much more great primary sources will be discussed on this video !!

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