Reset Passport (False History Revealed)

In this little episode we hope to find clues in revealing the false historical narrative. We will focus on theme parks, world’s fairs, and finally the Reset Passport that seems to be issued to the inheritors of a nation. I feature some clips from a Russian video,, that seemed much more interesting than mine, however I couldn’t understand a word of it so I made my own version. If you speak Russian do let me know if I was even close to what this guy was talking about.

I also explore some former Tartarian stomping grounds on google earth. Notice the people sitting on the ground looking bored at the worlds fair. The people dangerously sitting on the tops of the trains. The hearing of massive crowds of people, like cattle, for what actually seems like a pretty dull event, (other than the beautiful architecture).

The shop has been slow lately and I had to cut back on the staff a little which means I have been working ridiculous hours. I do hope it picks up soon as I have a hard time paying, or not paying, the bills as of late. It’s a great little shop and approaching our 6th month I am planning a grand opening, as most people still don’t know we exist. I almost didn’t put out a video this week but one of my employees suggested I do. I hope you enjoy the video.
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