Researches Into The Lost Histories Of America “Atlantis” / The Pre-Egyptians Are Atlanteans / Atlas

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In this Video we will discuss how America has been left out of the ancient Annals of History on purpose.
It has been deemed a “New World” when in fact it is the true Old world .
It has been known since ancient times especially by the greeks and “ancient Egyptians” as The ancient Land of their ancestors and their “gods”.
The Story told by plato of Atlantis is of America !
Atlas is from America and and the pre-Egyptians came out of America.
The Zodiac Maps of the ancients contain America in their cosmology. America was well known to the people of the “Old World”.

We will be reading from the book:
“Researches into the lost histories of America; or, The zodiac shown to be an old terrestrial map in which the Atlantic isle is delineated; so that light can be thrown upon the obscure histories of the earthworks and ruined cities of America”
and From the book:
” The Shadow Of Atlantis”

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