Pt. 7 – Hebrew Aboriginals of America / Yohewashee / Ibaryath Indians / Newark Holy Stone

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This is Part 7 of the series “Hebrew Aboriginal Copper Colored Tribes of America” In this video We will continue with the works of of such historians as James Adair, Lord Kingsborough, MM Noah, and many more. We will read from many books regarding the American Indians and there hebrew connection.
We will discuss the name of the Most High used by the Indians and also the name for biblical “joshua”. We will also discuss the Newark Holy Stone or Decalogue Stones found in Ohio.
Who are the true biblical Hebrews? I hope that in these next parts of this series that I upload you allow me to show you all the correlation and evidence that exist here in the America’s that a lot of the tribes here resembled the people spoken of in the Torah (“Old” testament). I have a lot of info and parts coming.

I hope you enjoy !! HAWAH BLESS Shabata