Pt. 3 – Hebrew Aboriginal of America // Practices of the Indians / Artifacts / Seminole / Adair

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Shalawam Familia, This is Part 3 of the series “Hebrew Aboriginal Copper Colored Tribes of America” Its been a long time since I continued this series and subject but I have much info to show now. We will read from the first hand chronicles and accounts of historians, traders, and early settlers amongst the American Indians. We will begin introducing certain books we will be reading from such authors as James Adair, George Catlin, We will also read from the books: discourse on the Aboriginals of America and the book The Seminoles of Florida along with other books and accounts.

We will also take a look at the Hebrew artifacts found in the Ohio Earth Mounds, brought to us by a report Glenn Beck made before he was fired and the documentary Secrets Ancient American History.
Who are the true biblical Hebrews? I hope that in these next parts of this series that I upload you allow me to show you all the correlation and evidence that exist here in the America’s that a lot of the tribes here resembled the people spoken of in the Torah (“Old” testament). I have a lot of info and parts coming this first video is just a preview of whats coming…. I hope you enjoy !!


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