Pt. 3 – Amazing Old Newspaper Reports Of America That They Dont Want You To See !! A True Old World

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Part 3 of this series , In this video we will be going through the great research of our brother on Twitter

Waking up w/ Analog

We will also be reading form the book: “The Lost Worlds of Ancient America”

We will be going through some amazing Old Newspaper reports that can rewrite history, prove America is the true old world and correlate a lot of our research. !!

From Phoenician goddesses in California, to Masonic Emblems found in Prehistoric America, to Mummies in Tennessee, ancient Scripts written by ancient Egyptian pharaohs found in America, to ancient pictograph Mazes commemorating an Antediluvian event all over the Southwest US, to Lost continents connecting South America to Hawaii, An underwater land bridge, To petrified fossils of giants riding giant animals in California to undeniable artifacts and mummies found all over the south east and south west Usb proving this is the true Old World !!..

Hope You enjoy !..