Pt. 20 – From Indigenous American to African American / First “negro” slaves (Indians) in 1526

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This is part 20 of the series “From Indigenous American to African American” In this video we will continue to discuss the true development of institutionalized slavery. The process from Indentured Servitude to Chattel slavery. From servant to property, by the acts of terms of service being extended to life terms.
I will also show that the whole story of 1619 and the first so called “negro”” slaves is a lie ! The spanish had recorded that they had brought up “negro”” slaves in 1526 to South Carolina !!

Please watch part 18 & 19 first if you have not.
This happened to the American Indians so called “negroes” We will continue to read from many scholarly and legal documents and books.

Time to break the spell , know who you are POW ‘s NOT ADOS

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