Pt 2 – The Black Irish Diaspora / Undeniable Proof They Are Ancestors Of Many Caribbean & US Peoples

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We will discuss the Dark Complexioned original inhabitants of Ireland as described in anthropological books and their Migration / Diaspora to the Americas.
Undeniable Proof and History of the black Irish’s Enslavement and transportation to The American Colonies.
Did you know Geneticist and scientist have determined with Scientific methods that the first Irish were dark skinned people ?
Did you know the Irish were rounded up just like we were told the “African slaves “ were in school? And their horrific Middle Passage was exactly the same as told to as supposedly happening only to “African slaves” !!!!??
There has been a total flip on the historic narratives told to us all our lives. The original Irish were “Black” and many hundreds of thousands of them were forcefully and Voluntarily relocated to the American West Indies and North American Colonies !!
In this video we will prove this and rest all false pan african doctrines and false pseudo Opinions !!
I challenge you to watch Completely and See for yourself !!!!
If you do , You will be convinced of this undeniable truth !..

Let me show you !!
Hope you enjoy !!..