Pt. 16 – Untold Ancient American Truth // Pliocene Man in America / Calaveras Skull / Nampa

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This is PART 16 of this series “Untold Ancient American Truth” In this video will will discuss the untold truth of The Calaveras Skull found in Auriferous Gravel in California dating back from 2.2 to up to 9.6 Million years ago. We will read from many scholarly articles and read from the State Geologist at the time of the finding so you can see he determined this is a fossil and a very ancient man found in gravel from the Pliocene time !!!..

We will also discuss many other forbidden archeology artifacts that have been mainly brushed off as modern or hoaxes but never proven so.
One of these is the Nampa clay figurine. Do you know how old this artifact is and where it was found? Let me sow you !!..

Hope you enjoy

Hope you like the Video ..