Pt. 1 – History or Myth // The Piasa Bird / Dragon of The Mississippi River / Alton Bluffs Monster

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In this video we will Discuss the legend and American Indigenous story of the Piasa Bird (Dragon). The Monster of the Alton Bluffs on the Mississippi River.
We will be reading from Chapter 1 , 2 & 3 of the book: “Records of ancient races in the Mississippi Valley; being an account of some of the pictographs, sculptured hieroglyphs, symbolic devices, emblems and traditions of the prehistoric races of America, with some suggestions as to their origin” by William McAdams.
Is this more than a Legend?
Was this a real dragon?
Why does it resemble so much the Dragons of Asia?
Did they really find 1000’s of Human Bones in the alton bluff Caves?
Was the Petroglyph on the side of the Alton bluffs a Warning?