Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Joe Rogan LIE About Eric Dubay Debate

It has been several months now since Neil DeGrasse Tyson agreed to a Flat Earth debate against Eric Dubay on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Joe announced the debate several times on his show, but in the many months since then has not once contacted me (Eric Dubay) to even touch-base or set-up this interview. So why did you two lie about this? Why did you announce this debate repeatedly and then never contact me to make it happen? Why, Joe Rogan, have you dedicated half a dozen of your podcasts to bashing me and my work, but refuse to engage with me?

Many years ago before having his own “Joe Rogan Questions Everything” TV show and before JRE was the world’s biggest podcast, Joe Rogan was a vocal proponent exposing NASA’s Moon landing hoax. He debated Penn Gillette, Phil Plait, Mancow, and many others brilliantly explaining the problems and inconsistencies with NASA’s supposed Moon landings. Then one day, around Joe’s Sci-Fi channel show premier, he had NASA spokesman Neil Degrasse Tyson on his podcast, praised him to a sycophantic degree, and back-peddled 180 degrees on his Moon hoax stance from stating unequivocally that (and I quote) “there is no way we went to the Moon,” to stating equally unequivocally that, “there is no way that it was a hoax.” Since this hypocritical 180, Joe has continued to have Neil Tyson and other establishment shills on his show, while simultaneously silencing and condemning people with anti-establishment views like his best friend Eddie Bravo.

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