Keeping Time (1867 Paris World’s Fair)

In this exploration of the world wide reset we will examine the world’s oldest clock in Salisbury England, the World’s Fair of 1867 in Paris France, and a mysterious piece of sculpture in the Lincoln Cathedral in England.
****As it turns out the clock that I show is not the Salisbury clock after all but rather a clock in Prague.****
It should not affect the video as I was using the clocks to show how old clocks were, according to the historical narrative. Most of these clocks date back to the 1300’s.

Dear master: How will I get over the pain of this or that?
Dear student: You will not, you will only get used to it.

I am now approaching one year of both my YouTube channel and my coffee shop. My life is no less chaotic today however I am getting used to it. The shop is doing pretty good now that the mornings are getting a little chilly and school is beginning.

For years we studied history to discover the truth. Today we study the lies to discover the truth. The journey is only beginning.

Thanks for watching and being a part of this tribe 😉
I love you all!!!
God bless and have a blessed day!


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