Inheritors of a Nation

In this video, Inheritors of a Nation, we will explore the history of San Francisco and the look into the main stream narrative for clues that the gold rush of 1849 may have been an inheritance (as opposed to mining for gold in the traditional way we were told). The inheritors of a nation may simply be the next wave of civilizations after a major reset or catastrophe. It appears the last reset may have been around 1812 but may also be ongoing as we see evidence of this as late as 1906 in the great San Francisco earthquake and fire.

I wanted to add that my personal life is a complete disaster right now. I have had no internet service for a week, my water line is frozen, and I am still living on my credit cards. With that said there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have a plan and it is 95% complete. I am sure many of you are going through such difficulties as well. As our false historical narrative falls apart around us we are left with many choices. Any great and worthy change will require some discomfort both internally and externally.

I also wanted to reach out to the creator of Mud Flood Channel. Your contribution and presence is irreplaceable. Your research was second to none on any subject that you investigated. I also enjoyed and appreciated the spiritual side of your channel. Please email me friend. God bless you brother.

Thank you subscribers and supporters of this channel. God bless ALL of you!
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