Flat Earth Podcast with Eric Dubay and Mark Knight

In this highly-informative and humorous podcast President of the International Flat Earth Research Society and webmaster of AtlanteanConspiracy.com, Eric Dubay, talks with fellow conspiracy author and webmaster of WaykiWayki.com, Mark Knight. Topics covered include flat Earth science vs. ball Earth pseudo-science, the various proofs/evidence for the geocentric flat Earth and debunking the supposed proofs/evidence for the heliocentric ball-Earth, the North Pole and South Pole (or lack thereof) and the Antarctic ice-rim, the Sun, Moon, eclipses, seasons, Polaris, stars, planets, NASA, the fake Moon and Mars landings, the controlled opposition Flat Earth Society vs. the legitimate International Flat Earth Research Society, and disinformation agents like Mark Sargent (codename: Sargent Non-Sense).


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Postée le novembre 21, 2018



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